17 04, 2015

TweetAdder 4.1.150416 Released April 16th

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TweetAdder 4.1.150416 Redesigned the way follows & unfollows are selected so that users are less effected by the the Twitter API rate limits warning popup. Program ensures proper rate limits are taking place as required by Twitter.

9 04, 2015

TweetAdder v4.1.150409 Update Released April 9, 2015

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TweetAdder 4.1.150409 This is a REQUIRED update for all TweetAdder users. -Added rate limits for following and unfollowing to help protect users and TweetAdder from possible Twitter suspensions due to following/unfollowing too fast -Increased DM limit to 1000, per Twitter's change in policy -Optimized follow / unfollow actions to work more smoothly -Fixed issue that [...]

4 06, 2014

New Huge Release TweetAdder 4.1.140603, Released June 3, 2014

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TweetAdder 4.1.140603 Improved Profile Data Search Database is continually updated and now provides much more recently updated results. The database has also been re-worked to provide additional information (mainly whether accounts are protected and/or verified) -Added feature to ReTweet and Favorite Tweets from all user lists Added feature to ReTweet and Favorite [...]