Software that automatically builds up your Local Active Twitter Follower Network with like minded individuals for huge increase in your twitter marketing efforts: 5 targeted twitter searches, follow, unfollow, auto follow back, scheduled tweet, auto message, twitter trends, and proxy supported.

TweetAdder 4.0 Downloads

Mac Version

Os 10.4 and up Min 1.5 ghz Intel CPU, 512 Ram, 100mb Hard Drive

Windows Version

Windows 8, Windows 7, WinVista, WinXP Min 1.5 ghz CPU, 512 Ram, 100mb Hard Drive

Linux Beta Version

x86-based Linux distributions with GTK+ 2.8 (or higher) glibc-2.4 CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) *On 64-bit Linux installations the ia32-libs package must be installed libcurl with all external dependencies (